by Isabel Wolff

February 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25048-7
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Trade Paperback

Rose Costello is fast approaching the age of 40. Thatís an age that many of us dread as it usually means many drastic life changes. Rose is no exception and in fact may be experiencing more changes than many of us who have approached that milestone.

As Rescuing Rose opens, Rose is at the threshold of not only her new home, but her new life as well. The last year of her life has been a whirlwind. She met Ed, married him, and is now separated from him. Sheís moved her home from her bachelorette pad to Edís pretentious house, to her lovely new home in Camberwell.

Life over the next few months takes many ups and downs for Rose. One of the best ups for her is having been forced to take in a boarder. Theo Sheen is good for Rose in more ways than one. Unfortunately it takes Rose the majority of Rescuing Rose to realize Theoís true feelings for her, and hers for him. One of the downs is the fact she almost loses her job as a result of a huge scandal in which her integrity is greatly challenged.

There are many twists and turns throughout Rescuing Rose, and all of Roses friends play an equally important part of her life. I personally thought that Ms. Wolff did an excellent job of making sure we understood that Rose was a caring person and loved her friends. She might not always make wise choices, but she was careful about not hurting her friendís feelings.

I do have to admit that for me Rescuing Rose started out slowly. As I read I wondered why I want to read this. I am very glad I kept with it. Once I got past the first few chapters which are establishing Rose in her new life, and got into what makes Rose, Rose I just knew I had a page turner on my hands. With the turn of the very last page I was satisfied with not only Roseís ending, but felt that the loose ends of her personal friends were also settled to my satisfaction. Now the only thing Iím left wondering is how long until another book by Isabel Wolff ends up in my hands, as I know it will.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Sandi.

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