by Holly Fuhrmann

March 2004
ISBN: 1-893896-99-4
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Blossom, Fern and Myrtle have been fairy godmothers for a very long time and have helped countless ďgodchildrenĒ find true love. Although their methods havenít always been ethical and approved by the godmother council they have always achieved the all-important Happily Ever After in all their cases.

Bernie the godmotherís nemesis has been appointed head of the godmother council this century. After all the trouble these sisters have caused him the past couple of centuries Bernie is determined to teach them a lesson. After presenting his evidence to the godmother council he is given the ok to put his plan into action.

Bernie calls the godmothers in for a meeting and takes great pleasure in informing them that they are being punished for their unorthodox way of handling their past cases. Their punishment is to live as mortals for a period of six months. The ladies can choose the place they will live but they will live ad mortals and have no access to magic during the six-month period. Oh and one more thing the godmothers will appear not in the god motherly form they have adopted to appear as in the past but in their true form as drop dead gorgeous young beauties.

Blossom, Fern and Myrtle ask to be sent to Erie PA to live out their sentence. Erie is where the Aaronson clan lives and the fairies are sure that their former godchildren will be willing to help them survive the required sentence as humans. The Aaronsons are surprised to see the godmothers return to Erie and are really surprised at their new form but they readily agree to help the women in any way they can.

The big question though is Erie and itís population ready for Fern, Blossom and Myrtleís arrival? The women soon find jobs, attract suitors and start living their lives as mortals. After the six-month punishment will they want to return to their god motherly forms or will Erie hold a reason for each of them to stay around?

In Fairly Human, the talented Holly Fuhrmann has found a perfect way to wrap up her loveable fairy godmother stories. What better conclusion for these very special characters than to give Fern, Blossom and Myrtle each a chance at their very own happily ever after? In addition to telling three additional stories Ms Fuhrmann lets us catch up with Max, Grace, Joy, Gabriel, Nick and Glory all the characters from her previous book in this series.

Lovers of the fairy-tale romance will love this story and will be hunting the previous books if they have not read them. The character of Fiona, Bernieís wife and a godmother in training gives the reader hope that perhaps the magic of the godmothers hasnít come to an end but might have new life in future books. Also by the conclusion of Fairly Human one might wonder if perhaps Bernie might like the god motherly trio just a bit more than he wants anyone to believe. Find a copy of Fairly Human and get caught up in a magical tale by a very gifted writer.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Barbara.

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