by Holly Jacobs

February 2004
ISBN: 0-373-44183-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #9
Mass Market Paperback

Ari Kellyís life is finally on track. She is planning a marriage to the love of her life, Collin Watters. Her dream job at the Warnheimer Institute is weeks from starting and a top psychology magazine have published her thesis on stress and phone answering systems.

However before Ari can spell success her life is suddenly spiraling out of control. The Rag has published their own version of Ariís thesis and totally distorted the facts. Suddenly her fiancťe is putting their nuptials on hold, her dream job is lost due to lack of funds, and her grandmother has escaped from the nursing home and moved in with her. Not to mention the fact that her parents have split up and her mother decides to move in as well. Her brother who was running the family plastics business has decided his true calling is to be a surfer and heads to California, leaving Ari with the job of overseeing the business and, oh yea, some hunk named Simon Masterson is pounding down her door demanding to know why Ari is trying to put him out of business.

Simon Masterson is the owner of a successful answering machine company called SimonSays. He is weeks away from launching a new answering system and The Ragís negative article couldnít have come at a worse time for him. Simon demands that Ari ask the paper to print a retraction. Against her better judgment Ari finally agrees to make the request.

As everyone knows when dealing with the tabloid news, you just canít win and when the requested retraction only makes the situation worse Simon soon strikes another deal with Ari. He will oversee the running of her family plastics business and help hire a manager for the business if she will test his new answering system and give her honest opinion of it. Having nothing to lose Ari finds herself agreeing to his proposal. After all she is attracted to Simon and this will mean that the two will have to spend lots of time together. What could be the harm in that?

Popular Duets author Holly Jacobs makes her Flipside debut in this highly entertaining and hilariously funny story about phone answering systems. Ms. Jacobs takes a simple invention of the 21st century and adds every possible mishap imaginable to guarantee the reader a laughing good time. With her characteristic wit and humor coupled with loveable characters and a secondary cast that at times seeks to steal the show, Ms. Jacobs has crafted a sure fire winner with Hung Up On You.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Barbara.

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