by Angela Knight

January 2004
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On a lost world, where the pleasures of BDSM are more than just a game, Commander Sebastian Cole of the interstellar mercenary vessel Starrunner is on a clandestine mission in a kingdom governed by fiercely dominant women. He is the perfect man fir this mission; he is a good man to have at your back in a fight, and he is good man to muss the sheets with. The only problem is that Sebastian is hardly the submissive type but the money he and his comrades are offered is too attractive to turn down. Sebastianís mission is to go undercover as a Thrall ó a male sub ó in the palace of a Domme queen to rescue an abducted prince the queen has sworn to enslave.

Domina Zaria Orva is descended from an illustrious line of dominant women that can be traced back generations. However, Zariaís fantasies are more about being tied up instead of doing the tying. She has been able to keep her submissive desires hidden from her royal mother and viciously twisted sister until now. Until she finds herself the proud mistress to Sebastian, a Thrall whose muscled beauty sparks some very heated musings. Soon Zaria finds that the collar is on the other neck and Sebastian is in control. Or is he?

All that our wise-cracking hero has to do is get the girl (in other words, seduce the girl) and rescue the prince from a heavily fortified palace manned by three hundred soldiers without any weapons while only wearing a loincloth. A piece of cake, right?

With Mercenaries II: The Thrall Angela Knight takes her readers on a wildly exciting ride. She makes bondage funny and sexy at the same time. Throw in the reappearance of Nathan and Trinity from the prequel Mercenaries and you have a hot time ahead of you.

But donít take my word for it see for yourself.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Cynthia.

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