by Anya Bast

January 2004
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Lilane has been on the trail of the Sudharian she blames for the deaths of her fiancé and her family in the early days of the Nordanese-Sudharian war. She has dogged the steps of Lord Rue d’Ange and has sworn to stain he blade with his blood. She has learned much about this warrior; including his most closely guarded secret. Rue d’Ange is an Aviat, a member of a race of beings hunted for their beautiful wings.

Lord Rue d’Ange may have been raised a Sudharian but he is first and foremost an Aviat. There is very little that he wouldn’t do to insure the continued exist of his people – even going so far as to make a dangerous bargain with the enemy. Lilane soon learns it is impossible to surprise a man who has an Aviat’s superior vision. A chagrined Lilane becomes a not so unwilling prisoner to angelically handsome Rue’s intense brand of seduction. He has some tantalizing plans for his little captive that includes heaps of pleasure – and occasionally a bit of pain. Even as Rue uses his considerable skills to seduce Lilane, he involves her in an intricate deception designed to give the Nordanese an edge in the war and guarantee his people a safe place to live.

Anya Bast has penned a superb fantasy with the perfect hero. Rue d’Ange just works the three H’s to death – he is hot, horny, and… well, you know – add to that he knows how to share the pleasure and you have the best of everything a hero could be, in my opinion. Summer Pleasures, the third book in this series, is a great example of what an ideal series should be. This series just keeps getting better and better.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Cynthia.

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