by Elaine Fox

April 2004
ISBN: 0-06-051724-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Elaine Fox’s newest novel Hot Stuff is a true to life tale of two people destined to fall in love. Laurel Kane is a woman who has given up on love. After dating one too many losers, she has decided that true love just does not exist. In fact, she has decided to take an extremely practical approach to marriage instead of marrying for love. Along the way she meets Joe, who has set up a coffee cart near Laurel’s work. Joe, who is the sexist guy Laurel has laid eyes on in a very long time, clearly believes in true love and has set his sights on Laurel’s own heart.

This book takes a look at the common misconception that once a woman is past thirty, love will never come along and she had better settle fast! Happily, this very depressing myth is shattered in Hot Stuff. Fox’s book also provides a humorous look at what singles will subject themselves to in order to find the “right” person; from one minute dating to blind dates from hell, I laughed myself silly. I enjoyed the characters in this book very much. Laurel is a woman who knows her own mind and is not afraid to share her opinions with whomever will listen. This was a refreshing change from heroines who never seem to have an opinion on anything. Also, Joe’s character is a strong enough hero, that he is able to allow Laurel her freedom and the ability to have her own thoughts. However, the story at times seemed to drag a bit and while the emotional interaction between the characters was wonderful, I kept waiting for something to happen! Fortunately, the ending made the wait, worth my time. I would definitely have to say this is a very interesting read and unlike any other book I have read before. The realism is palatable and made me think that this story could happen to me or someone I know.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jen.

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