by Melody Thomas

April 2004
ISBN: 0-06-056447-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Lady Alexandra Marshall needs help. She has discovered some unusual changes in the artifacts that she works with at the British Museum. When she reports these findings to the director, she finds herself ignored and relegated to the basement. Alexandra has spent most of her life trying to make a place for herself. She loves her job at the museum. She doesn’t want to lose it. She doesn’t want the discrepancies to be swept under the rug, so she turns to the only man she can trust, Sir Christopher Donally.

Christopher Donally has fought all of his life to overcome the fact that he is Irish and Catholic. He fought for the Queen in India where he first met Alexandra. There the Irishman and the nobleman’s daughter fell in love. Their brief marriage is a memory that Christopher would love to forget. Shocked to find Alexandra in London, Christopher doesn’t want to help her. Yet, he has never really erased her memory from his heart.

Somehow, they move past the hurt they caused each other. The only life Alexandra has known is at stake in an interesting cat and mouse game. As they forget the past, they discover that their hearts have never forgotten.

For a debut, Ms. Thomas has written a good one. Alexandra is believable as a sheltered bluestocking who somehow finds the courage to move beyond her comfort zone to embrace life. Christopher is wounded, both physically and emotionally, but he heals himself enough to find peace with his past. The snobbery between classes is realistically portrayed in Alexandra’s father. The secondary characters have strong voices of their own and help to bring the story to life.

In My Heart is a wonderful "second chance at" love story. When you open this book, your heart will break with Alexandra and Christopher’s, as their first chance ends in pain. By the end, you’ll be cheering as they come together in love stronger than before.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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