by Elizabeth Boyle

April 2004
ISBN: 0-06-054930-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

London, Season of 1817

The ton is in an uproar! The mothers of all the unwed young ladies are beside themselves as to what to do! It seems after reading the adventurous novels of one Miss Darby, they have all conspired to emulate their heroine whose love, the ever popular hero Lieutenant Throckmorten has been killed in Miss Darby’s latest episode. The girls vow to remain chaste, and unwed! Just as Miss Darby has! Well, whoever heard of such a thing! Malvina Witherspoon, Lady Tottley, intends to do something about all of this before the season is a total wash! She has summoned dashing Raphael “Rafe” Danvers who is known for his expertise in getting to the bottom of mysteries. While still trying to solve the murder of Sir Codlin, Rafe doesn’t need to take on another assignment right now, but Lady Tottley is waving the reward of an estate under his all but beggared nose if he finds the author of these most ridiculous stories and puts an end once and for all of Miss Darby and her exploits!

Traveling to the town of Bramely Hollow, home of the most notorious matchmaker in all of England, Rafe has received a tip that the author he seeks resides there. Spotting “fresh meat” in the very handsome and brash young Rafe, the matchmaker takes her latest catch to spinster Miss Rebecca Tate. Rebecca isn’t your average meek spinster. She is the most beautiful woman Rafe has ever set eyes on, and the most outspoken! Could this be the author he seeks? Seems Rebecca is definitely hiding something in that little desk she carries around, and Rafe doesn’t think it is letters and journals as Rebecca professes!

USA Today bestseller Elizabeth Boyle continues her Danvers clan stories with the adventures of the youngest brother of Colin and Robert, in It Takes a Hero. Hero Rafe isn’t wealthy, isn’t titled and doesn’t have many manners, but that doesn’t stop him from his pursuit of Miss Rebecca Tate. Heroine Rebecca isn’t a coy young girl, but a grown mature woman, who knows what her heart wants, and that is Rafe! Although sometimes confusing, the overall story is amusing, light hearted and gives the Regency romance reader a good read.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Bonnie.

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