by Jaci Burton

January 2004
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Noele is quite content with her life in the faery woods of D’Naath. Yet all that is about to end. As princess, her destiny is to marry Garick, the Elvin King of Winterland and join the kingdoms of faeries and elves—bringing strength and protection to all.

As if being trapped into marriage wasn’t bad enough, Noele is faced with the possibility that Garick will cast her aside to his second-in-command after consummating the marriage as is his right by Elvin law.

Garick is appalled at his growing, intense feelings for his faerie bride. He cannot afford to have his focus away from protecting his kingdom and his people from some really wicked wizards. Noele certainly has the power to shift his focus to more pleasurable duties. Will he keep her or cast her aside? Can he love her without jeopardizing everyone and everything?

In Winterland Destiny, Jaci Burton captures the reader with her magical characters from the very first page. The delightfully sensual scenes are written is beautiful detail; I could practically see the faerie heroine in her winged glory and the tough, sexy king who learns to open up and love his soul mate. The erotic customs of the Elvin kingdom Not only was the love story between Noele and Garick tantalizing and entertaining, but the sparks flying between Noele’s sister, Solara, and Garicks second-in-command and friend, Roarke, promise another sexy tale from Jaci Burton…I hope. This one is on the keeper shelf for sure; one to go back to again and again.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jess.

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