by Lisa Renee Jones

January 2004
ISBN: 1-55410-054-2
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Journalist Sheila Gibson is a walking contradiction. She’s afraid of letting go, but she’s also unwilling to pass up a dare. When her friend Jennifer challenges her to jump out of a plane, Sheila can’t let the plane take off without her. This is a perfect way to shock herself into a new, carefree life.

Although Sheila is willing to risk her life, she is not willing to put her heart out there. That’s one gamble she can’t take until she meets her skydiving instructor, Ray Walker. Then, her body and her soul take control of her heart.

Ray knows what he wants when he sees it, and he wants Sheila. He challenges Sheila and himself as they engage in a heated affair that changes the rules for both of them.

With Daring Sheila, Lisa Renee Jones illustrates why she’s one of the best writers in the world of romance today. Daring Sheila is an erotic adventure ride that leaves one breathless.

The entire Jump Zone backdrop is a brilliant idea which goes along perfectly with the idea of a woman trying to change her life. Jones describes Sheila’s emotions and thoughts with remarkable ability and pulls the reader into an intriguing situation, which is emotional as well as sexual.

The chemistry between Sheila and Ray is out of this world. Reading about the two of them, you envision them in your head and then the well-scripted words of Lisa Renee Jones transports you into their world where you fall in love with Ray when he responds to Sheila’s question about his presence in the bar. His response – “I came for you Sheila.”

Daring Sheila is heaven in literary form, and it doesn’t get much better than that. In Star Search terms, that’s 5 stars.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Natasha.

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