by Lisa Renee Jones

January 2004
ISBN: 1-55410-053-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Extasy Books

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Bobby Evans is back in town and ready to find the woman he left behind. Scared of how he was going to turn out, Bobby chose to leave Jennifer. He wanted her to have a good life better than the one he thought he could give her. Now, he’s back and looking to rekindle the flame of lust and love they had together.

Jennifer Cavender has never forgotten Bobby. She loved him five years ago until the day he disappeared from her life. He’s come back for her best friend’s wedding and Jennifer knows that she’s going to have a hard time ignoring the way he makes her melt.

There is a lot of pain and anger they have to overcome to be able to begin again. If Jennifer can forgive him, Bobby knows that he’ll do whatever he must to make her life wonderful forever. If Bobby can be honest with her, Jennifer knows that she will give her heart to him and love him for the rest of their lives.

From page one, the characters hit the ground running in this story of reunited lovers. Jennifer is running as fast as possible to get away from the hurt that Bobby caused. Bobby is trying to catch her. Bobby’s personality is well developed. He knows what he wants and how he has to get it. It is Jennifer’s evolving from the anger and pain of Bobby’s desertion to her love and acceptance of him as a man that fascinates the reader.

All The Right Spots are hit in this steamy story of two people willing to forgive each other, face the future and forget about the past.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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