by Giselle Carmichael

December 2003
ISBN: 1-585-71108-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Genesis Press
Trade Paperback

Although attorney Jillian Newman has experienced the pain of death in her life, she is still brutally shocked when she witnesses a ghastly murder in a parking garage. Shortly after, Jillian becomes a target of the killers and is given police protection.

Her protector is none other than Detective Harrison Blake, a man of a different race to whom she finds herself alarmingly attracted, and her ex-husbandís enemy. Harrison is also caught off guard by his attraction to Jillian. After all, her primary job has always been to act as an external internal affairs department for the people. Even without the issue of race, Harrison never pictured himself involved with Jillian. He has too much to hide.

But love doesnít recognize color or career paths, and Harrison and Jillian are overtaken by their passion for one another. The future is theirs for the making if they find the right shelter and avoid the danger, which threatens to engulf them.

Although Giselle Carmichaelís, Iíll Be Your Shelter is a steamy and suspenseful romance novel, it is not her finest work. The characters are engaging and play off each other very well. Harrison and Jillian are spellbinding as a couple; their attraction is tangible and absorbing.

Still, characters need a place to live, preferably a well constructed one, and unfortunately, the story and the writing behind Iíll Be Your Shelter, is weak and rather predictable. None of the surprises were actually surprising. The plot would have benefited more from stronger development.

It was an effort to finish this one. My fingers are crossed for the next.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Natasha.

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