by Jennifer Macaire

December 2003
ISBN: 1-74100-174-9
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This is the third book in the Iskander series. The story is written in the first person through the heroine’s eyes. The story is set during the reign of Alexander The Great. Ashley, the heroine is one of his many wives. The setting is very much woven around the mythical Greek legends of old.

The author has a lilting way with words and the tempo of the tale is surreal. I found myself drawn into the story’s fantasy world. While Ashley came from the future she seemed destined to be in Alexander’s world. The story begins with their search for their lost son Paul who was taken from them as a baby and is now 4 years old. They discover he is a chosen child to fulfill the destinies of Alexander’s family.

The love scenes are beautifully worded and passion is strong but dealt with in a gentle lyrical way by Jennifer Macaire. Yet the strength of Ashley’s love for Alexander is never in doubt. Ashley has the added difficulties of knowing what the future holds for Alexander’s family yet she feels she can never let him know this, though he is aware she comes from the future. Because of the fables and legends they believe in so powerfully, it did not surprise me to find that Ashley was so easily accepted in this time period.

Ashley’s love for little Paul, her and Alexander’s son, is very deep and she faces heart-wrenching decisions about him as the story progresses.

This type of story is no ordinary romance it is a deep powerful story and you need to enjoy fantasy stories to fully appreciate it. But I found myself quite captivated by the book, and can recommend it as a very good story. The way the author uses words has such poignancy and I felt tears not far away at times. Given the time setting violence does exist in the story but somehow it seems like a background compared to the gentleness and depth of feeling that so many of the characters have.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Mary.

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