by Savannah Kaye

September 2002
ISBN: 155395188-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Trafford Publisher`s
Trade Paperback

Famous actress Catherine Barrister wakes up in a raft, on a beach facing the ocean. To add to the foreign scenery, six men on large horses are staring at her. They are dressed in a rather unusual get up and one of them claims to be King Richard...King Richard...right... the fourth man to the left is quite a sight to behold, though. Catherine promises herself that she is going to give Frank, her agent and best friend, a little piece of her mind...what is he trying to do by pulling this rather complicated trick on her?

Adrian Blackthorn, War Lord to King Richard, can`t keep his eyes off the beautiful and mysterious blonde they found on the beach. She is breathtaking...and her teeth...he has never seen such perfect and white teeth...but she claims to be a princess from a kingdom called America, which means she is well above his station. Despite that, Adrian and Catherine become friends and that friendship turns into something deeper.

Savannah Kaye`s Knight of Honor is a time travel romance set partially in 14th century England. This book provides the reader with quite an emotional ride. Both funny and moving, the plot of Knight of Honor is well drawn and enthralling. The main characters, Catherine and Adrian, are nicely developed and extremely likeable. Catherine is truly a 21st century woman, her reactions to her new set of circumstances are very well written and believable. Adrian, her knight of honor, is completely dedicated to his lady. Duty and honor bound, he has but one objective: to make Catherine happy and proud of being his lady. Their love is truly eternal. I must say that Knight of Honor touched me deeply, and even as I write these few lines, I feel tears welling in my eyes. The book shows a depth that I admit I did not expect. As to the historical aspect, the author is quite successful in creating a believable medieval atmosphere. I recommend this book to both lovers of time travel and historical romance.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Mireya.

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