by Barbara Metzger

March 2004
ISBN: 0-451-20859-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Robert Rothmore, the Earl of Rockford, spends most of his time in London, however, he is forced to go back to Rock Hill, his familyís estate. The man he hired to handle his estate not only stole his property, but also his sister as well...and his son is nowhere to be found either. To his relief, and after a rather embarrassing misunderstanding, he finds out the young boy has been placed under the care of a neighboring young widow. Seems like his sister didnít want to leave the child in the care of the rather elderly staff of Rock Hill.

The last thing that Alissa Henning expected was to have the Earl of Rockford try to kidnap her younger son. After a rather embarrassing (for the Earl) encounter, Alissaís common sense saves the day. Soon after that fateful first meeting, Rothmore realizes that maybe the key to solving his more pressing problems, namely the care of his young son, is Alissa. Hence, he makes her a proposal that she can not refuse.

Barbara Metzgerís, Wedded Bliss is a delightful historical romance. Throughout the whole book I found myself increasingly charmed with the nicely woven humorous plot and its very engaging and attractive cast of characters. Alissa makes for an appealing, intelligent, quite sensible heroine. She is determined to make her marriage a real one. Rothmore is a stubborn and somewhat domineering male used to getting his own way, until he finds himself increasingly attracted to the woman he married out of convenience. All of the secondary characters are equally engaging, especially the children. There is also a small romantic subplot involving Rothmoreís sister. If you are a lover of historical romance, Wedded Bliss is certainly for you.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Mireya.

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