by Susanne Marie Knight

March 2002
ISBN: 1-57343-043-9
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Do you believe in magic? Amanda Barclay was skeptical to say the least, but she did try when she was 12 to see the face of her future husband. Lyddie, Mandy’s friend, said the ritual was only to be preformed on Midsummers Night Eve. Mandy did see and talk to Marcus Hamilton. And what she saw was a bored and lonely man looking for love and acceptance.

One fateful day, Mandy meets Dona Ines, a Portuguese grandmother who gives Mandy a golden coin. Dona Ines explained that the golden coin was magical and with it, her fortune would be good.

Mandy meets Marcus again, as the Duke of Yarborough. Marcus needs a governess for his sister Daphne and it just so happens that Mandy needed a job, so she accepts. Daphne’s mother is still very much alive, but does not care what happens to Daphne because she cannot be the heir to Marcus. Aside from the fact that Mandy had the good fortune to be offered a job when she needed it, the golden coin proved to be useful in other ways – when 6 year-old Daphne accidentally breaks a valuable goblet, Mandy receives one just like it as a replacement from the mysterious Dona Ines!

Although Marcus does not like to be lied to, he concocts a story that forces Amanda to go away with him to Cheltenham to visit the mineral springs, by pretending that Daphne is suffering from ill health. Daphne, a precocious 6 year-old, was in on the fib and plays her part to the hilt.

Amanda is attracted to Marcus but knows that they cannot be married, with him being a Duke. Marcus at first thought the same thing, but all those years ago, he knew Mandy was special and she had stolen his heart. The attraction and love between Marcus and Mandy grow regardless of their differences. When Daphne actually becomes sick, Marcus and Mandy rush home from a ball to see what they can do to help her. That same evening, Marcus finally confronts Mandy about what is happening to them. After waiting sixteen years, Mandy and Marcus’ first kiss is sweet and magical.

Marcus, knowing that they were meant to be, finally asked Mandy’s brother, Francis, for her hand in marriage. Mandy was more than happy to accept!

But let’s not forget that Mandy still has the golden coin – and since she has benefited from it, she must now pass it to someone else. When the time came, the person whose turn it was to receive the golden coin was digging rocks! Now, is there a sequel to this story? Only time will tell if Susanne Marie Knight continues the story as the gold coin passes from one person to another.

Ms. Knight was able to weave a tale of magic. The golden coin is suppose to bring the person good fortune but it seems good fortune for the book as well! This was a very lighthearted read and very easy to finish in one sitting – so be prepared to spend time with this story from beginning to end!

Reviewed in February 2002 by Pam.

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