by Brenda Novak

February 2004
ISBN: 0-373-83600-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Recently divorced, Madison Lieberman just wants to start fresh with her daughter. Her own childhood was rudely interrupted when her father, the main suspect and target in a serial killer investigation, commits suicide. Standing with her mother and staunchly believing in his innocence causes a rift in her marriage. Now, she just wants to move past it. Then Caleb Trovato enters her life.

When his former sister-in-law shows up on the missing person list, Caleb Trovato rushes to his ex-wifeís side. His motivation is only to help her find her sister. As the case unravels, it becomes clear that heís getting involved in a serial murder investigation. The same one he tried to write about years ago but never could verify after the main suspect committed suicide. Hoping to gain perspective on the former suspect, he moves into a cottage house owned by Madison.

A box hidden for years at her motherís house opens up a load of doubts for Madison. Then the handsome Caleb moves in and their relationship begins to heat up. Will they be able to maintain their relationship when she learns who Caleb really is and his profession?

Novak has spun another intriguing tale of romance and suspense, combining both elements in equal measure. Readers will love the sexual heat that emanates from Madison and Caleb as it sizzles off the pages. However, one finds it hard to empathize with some of Calebís decisions and lies throughout the beginning. Yet, by the time they begin to catch up with him, one realizes he is a truly nice guy and a great catch.

As Madison continues to struggle with regular everyday issues that single mothers face after a nasty divorce, the reader begins to see her as the girl next door. With characters that are so endearing, this book is a pleasure to read. Add in the suspenseful serial killer on the loose, that has eluded the authorities for several years, and you will not be able to sit this down until the end. With a twist to knock your socks off, Cold Feet is one no fan will want to miss.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Katy.

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