by Annie Solomon

April 2004
ISBN: 0-446-61357-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Alex Baker wants revenge and she is close to getting it. Thirteen years it took her. Thirteen years to live for only that one moment. Revenge and the chance to clear her late fatherís name. The stage is set and the players are in place. But then an old friend and accomplice turns up murdered, and Detective Hank Bonner is not someone to believe any lies when it comes to solving the last case of his career.

Hank only has little more than a week left on the force. After that itís running the family apple orchard. Only one of the many actions he is taking, to make up for his fatal involvement in his still recent family disaster. With his guilt and his life complicated enough, he couldnít care less about having to treat the local VIP Alex Baker with his gloves on. She might be the savior of his little town in the Hudson Valley, but that doesnít mean she can get under his skin. Or so he thinks.

When it comes to Alex and Hanks relationship one thing becomes clear early on, itís Alex who calls the shots. She is the one with the answers and keeping them secret in exchange for a web of lies, a web that grows thin and brittle. And where tough words donít worry her, it is Hankís compassion and his sense of decency that pose a threat to her isolated life, her secrets and her mission.

Tell Me No Lies is a fast and entertaining read of a romantic suspense novel with an interesting premise. The slowly revealed facets of all the characters involved in this tale of revenge, greed and murder make this an intriguing story. Missing are the moments that would render this a satisfying romance read. Annie Solomon turns up the heat to late and then too sudden and rushed. Any declarations of love, I would have liked with more of a build up, more tension and more sizzle.

So Tell Me No Lies is more a suspense than a romance novel. Know and accept it and to keep turning the pages will be easy.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Kris Alice.

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