by Melissa James

January 2004
ISBN: 0-373-27342-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1272
Mass Market Paperback

Melissa James second Nighthawk book, Can You Forget? is intense and very emotional. Very often it feels too overwhelming and too pained. While reading Tallan OíRierdan and Mary-Anne Pooleís story I would long for laughter and a carefree mood to rid myself of the sadness and misery that is always present.

Tallan and Mary-Anne have a history of being friends as children and sweethearts as teenagers. A misunderstanding and betrayal robbed them of a future together. Death, divorce and a common calling, that of making the world a safer world, forces them to face their past and an uncertain future. Both of them are Nighthawk operatives. And to bring down a weapon smuggler, rescue a young man and save fellow operatives from certain elimination they need to enter a marriage of convenience.

Can You Forget? feels too perfect. Too perfect in explaining motivations and revealing all about the characters. It seems to draw the reader in too fast and too deep. Iím sure that many a reader has no problem with that. I myself, though, would have preferred some lighter moments, some plainer motivations and some straighter emotions.

Can You Forget? is definitely too dark for my taste. It reminds me of Melissa Jamesí first release Her Galahad. Another book where I liked the story, but where I felt overwhelmed by its tone. I find it a very brave thing to write stories like that. Dark and intense. I wonder how much it reveals about the author. I can only wish for happier times ahead!

I had big problems liking the characters. They are very heroic, but their self-pity, guilt and unhealthy and unfounded jealousy combined with a defeated attitude made me want to turn away. Itís all a little too emotional and too exhausting and I will need to recover first before I go back for another Melissa James book with her April 2004 release, Dangerous Illusion.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Kris Alice.

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