by Laura Marie Altom

January 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52568-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Dorchester Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Biologist Lucy Gordonís fondest wish is to discover a new species of frog and make her father proud. Her last attempt at this at the World Biological Conference proved quite embarrassing since after her big presentation on her new discovery it was revealed that her father, one of the best known biologists of all time, had already discovered this particular species some years earlier. Thereís nothing like making a fool of yourself in front of everyone in your chosen field and Lucy had done just that.

Needing to make a living Lucy takes a teaching job at an exclusive private school in Europe but still has hopes of one day finding her frog. She has also started dating a Duke and fancies herself married to him sometime soon.

One day while driving home Lucy spots a flash of green in the road and swerves to miss it. After getting out of her car Lucy searches for the tiny creature and finally finds him. Convinced she has discovered a new species she promptly kisses him only to watch him vanish before her eyes. In her prized frog's place is a 200-pound man. A very handsome naked man, who claims he is Prince Wolfe of Gwyneddor. He says he is a medieval prince and she has broken the spell that was placed on him - her prize is one night in his bed.

Lucy doesnít want a night in his bed no matter how cute he is. She just wants her frog back so she can have all she has ever dreamed of - money, power, fame and most of all her fatherís respect. Will Prince Wolfe be able to change her mind?

Taking elements from our childhood fairy tales and blending them with the humor of the 21st century, Laura Marie Altom gives the reader Kissing Frogs. This delightful tale will have you laughing out loud and turning pages as fast as you can.

The witty dialog between the characters is what makes this book a pure pleasure to read. Lucy is so sure of what she wants until Wolfe kisses her and then she is torn between her career and true love. If you need a lift after a hard day, pick up a copy of Kissing Frogs, it will have you believing in fairy tales again and laughing out loud as well. I sincerely hope Ms Altom plans writing similar books in the future. Kissing Frogs was a pure delight.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Barbara.

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