by Amanda Scott

November 2001
ISBN: 0-446-61026-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

The Secret Clan: Abducted Heiress is a wonderful read. The setting is in Scotland with castles and clans galore. Amanda Scott's descriptions of the castles, glens and surrounding areas were very real, taking me to that time and place. When you think of Scotland, does little people "fairies" come to mind, besides the ever-present men in kilts? Well, if fairies do come to mind then you will definitely enjoy this story. The fairies have their hand in every aspect of the story from the beginning to the ending.

Molly Gordan, Maid of Dunsithe, is the richest heiress in all of Scotland. But there is a slight problem to her being the richest - no one can find her fortune after her father died. Since her fathers' death, her guardianship has been passed to several different men of different clans since she was about 5. Her last guardian let Molly do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and as a result, Molly is a very head strong young lady who never really felt at home with any of her guardians.

Meghan and her son, Claude, are Molly's fairies. They watch after Molly to try to keep her safe. Claude and Finley MacKenzie's own fairy have the idea that Molly and Fin, as he is called, would be good together. So Claude puts the thought into the King's mind that Molly's guardianship should be granted to Fin; unquestionably, the King sends orders to Fin to take over Molly's guardianship.

Fin is almost too handsome for his own good and he knows it. But he is kind and gentle to his friends and his clan. But he was in need of an alliance, so his plan was to find a husband for Molly to make a good alliance with - that is, until he meets her. Once he does, his plans slowly started to change.

Molly does not like to be told what to do, so she often defies Fin at every chance she can include putting not only herself in danger but others as well. Molly and Fin must go thru several obstacles, before they can be together and have a wedding night that is long overdue. Some of the obstacles they must face are a sunken ship, a kidnapping, defending a castle, taking over a castle from an enemy clan, and a secret that is eventually revealed along with Molly's missing fortune. Just remember that Molly's fairies as well as Fin's have a hand in the obstacles that she and Fin must face and overcome.

This is the first book I have read by Amanda Scott and I must say I highly enjoyed the story. It ended before I thought it should have; although I enjoyed the book, I felt cheated by the ending. The author could have delved a bit more into the happenings after Molly and Fin finally have their wedding night.

The Secret Clan: Hidden Heiress that comes out in summer of 2002 takes up where The Secret Clan: Abducted Heiress leaves off… and I will be one of the first to pick the book up and read it when it is available

Reviewed in December 2001 by Pam.

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