by AlTonya Washington

December 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-408-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

If a person is betrayed too often, will they ever learn to trust again? When a manís heart and trust has been destroyed, can he learn to live again?

Selena Witherspoon is a successful magazine publisher. She has everything she could want. She has a wonderful home, good friends and family and an awesome job. Even though she might want to have someone special to hold each night, she's still happy. Yet something is missing. Painful memories from her past hold her back from giving the right man her love completely. Then in Miami, Selena meets Darius McClellan. A handsome hunk of man, Darius sweeps her off her feet and into a cloud of passionate nights. But even in this paradise, a snake lurks. Someone's sending her notes that threaten everything she has.

Darius has his own issues to deal with. A horrible betrayal holds him back from giving Selena his trust. With each moment he spends in her arms, Darius knows that he must find a way to heal from the past. Can he free himself while saving Selena? Or will the memories of his past threaten to destroy their love forever?

Throughout the story, we are treated to not only Selena's doubts, but Darius' as well. We are allowed to watch them both heal and struggle with their fears. The characters have a convincingly real feel about them. Even the secondary characters are brought to life vividly. Darius and Selena's letting go of past hurts to make a better life for themselves shows a maturity that is seen in moments of emotional growth.

With Guarded Love, AlTonya Washington treats us to a relationship that isn't all smiles and laughter. She gives us a real relationship full of love and doubt, smiles and tears. Ms. Washington gives us hope that as long as we try and give our best, we can work out our problems.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jenni.

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