by Marcia Evanick

December 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7425-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

After a drug dealer walks free on a technicality, Jocelyn Fletcher decides she needs to take a leave of absence from her job in the Baltimore District Attorney's office. She turns to her sisters for help in finding a temporary job and place to live in Misty Harbor, Maine. She feels she has been "had", just as when they convinced her to eat a mud pie at age four, when they talk her into interviewing for a job as nanny and houskeeper for Quinn Larson. Quinn, who is a sheriff and on call six days per week, has recently gained full custody of his three children after his ex-wife is killed in a car accident.

Quinn has his own qualms about hiring Jocelyn since she is very attractive and twenty-six years old. His younger sister, Phoebe, persuades him to take a chance since it will probably just be for a few months anyway. Jocelyn settles into a hectic, but satisfying routine on Blueberry Hill in Quinn's fixer-upper home with the three lively children. Quinn is reluctant to admit his growing jealousy with the seemingly constant stream of gifts Jocelyn receives from her admirers and dates.

Quinn is the alpha male type of hero, but has protected himself emotionally after small town life was not enough to satisfy his ex-wife. Jocelyn's young and has been devoted to her law career, but her idealism was crushed by seeing that justice is not always served. She is intelligent, but has doubts about continuing in a career inspired by her grandfather. Quinn and Jocelyn's love story is one to slowly smolder before bursting into full flame.

Ms. Evanick has also developed a poignant, nostalgic love story between two secondary characters: Phoebe and her high school sweetheart, who Phoebe left behind eleven years before for college and career. Sometimes what you need leads you home again.

Blueberry Hill is a heartwarming story of love and the importance of family. It is sure to charm readers of contemporary romance.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Roberta.

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