by Dara Girard

November 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-452-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dara Girard has delivered a delectable treat to romance readers with the exceptional Table For Two, a contemporary romance which describes the intriguing relationship between once bitten- twice shy, self-help tutor and author Cassie Graham, and standoffish restaurant entrepreneur Drake Henson.

Cassie doubts her ability to be loved because of a blurred image she carries of herself. A cruel ex-husband and an unsympathetic mother have done nothing to alter the reflection she sees in the mirror. When Drake, a man who can have any woman he wants, sets his sights on her, Cassie doubts his intentions and the role she is capable of playing his life.

Before Drake and Cassie can have the opportunity to feast upon an endless platter of love, Drake has to accept himself for the man he has become. Cassie must face her own demons by realizing her own self worth and by surviving a love, which threatens to destroy her and those she loves.

Table For Two is one of the best books Iíve read this year. Itís a nine point five on a ten-point scale. Reading a book from Dara Girard is like dining at a wonderful restaurant. You happily eat your fill, and you take a smile with you when you leave.

Although the story line is not unique, Girard writes with a passion that is seldom seen. The words flow effortlessly and engage the reader on every page. The characters are so finely defined that they are reminiscent of people we know, people we cherish. Drake is all man with a gigantic, loving heart. He has his flaws, but heís the kind of man that women dream about, a guy who loves beneath the surface and cares more about giving than taking. He could crash my table any day.

Cassie was a little irritating at times with her bouts of self-hatred, but she was still a likeable person. It didnít hurt things that she had a wonderful friend like Adriana to keep her in check. Adriana, like the other supporting characters including Drakeís brother, Eric, were the perfect additions to the cast of this charming tale.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Natasha.

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