by Caroline Clemmons

November 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7444-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

The Most Unsuitable Husband, is a sequel to the story of the Kincaid family from The Most Unsuitable Wife. I did not read this, but the author does a great job of filling in important details and an even greater job of telling the tale of a rogue and a lady in the Old West. Western's aren't my favorite romance genre, but I really enjoyed this one.

Sarah Kincaid has traveled from Texas to St. Louis for her mother's funeral. She's a likeable character, young and sensible with a big heart. Unknown to her, her stepbrother, Nate attended the funeral and he's out to steal her money. Or that's the plan before he gets to know the kind-hearted woman. They both embark on the journey back to Texas and Nate, who doesn't want to get close to her, finds himself drawn by her beauty and goodness. Before he knows it he's her traveling companion.

The story has one of the best beginnings I've ever read. Nate is being buried alive! Right off the bat he's established as a rogue that he's had his share of trouble. But as he plans to stay close to Sarah, without her knowing who he really is, the other side of him appears. The side that never got a chance to emerge after the death of his mother. I like how real the characters are, how tough times in the West would make good men do bad things just to survive.

Sarah proves to be a very compassionate woman when she take in three lost children and I love when characters protect children. One of them, Joe, has been molested, and I love how Nate gets to shine as the young mutes' hero. This type of plot twists made this story so enjoyable to read. Quite a bit of the story is about the way they share responsibility for the children, and it's well done. All throught the journey back to Texas, Nate helps Sarah and the kids, and he falls desperately in love with her. But his past is right behind him, and there are so many problems for Nate that it looks like he'll never escape his past and settle down with Sarah and the adopted kids.

Ms. Clemmons does a great job of keeping the reader interested until the end of the book with a series of obstacles that Nate has to overcome. It even gets comical when first he's asked to help with tending the cows, something he's never done before and then he gets a job assisting Sarah's grandfather who is a judge! The authors has a great sense of humor and comedic timing! There's alao a great deal of family love that I always enjoy reading in a book. The romantic scenes were okay, not as powerful as I like and definitely not as many. It's too bad because the characters really had good chemistry.

If you enjoy cowboy stories with men who'll protect children, still act like gentleman around women and actually make the most perfect husbands, I recommend reading the Most Unsuitable Husband.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Suemarie.

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