by Jaide Fox

December 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-347-3
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Balian of Menon is the last of his kind, “The Dragon King”. He is now, after many, many years, searching for a mate. He has been told of a beautiful, virtuous woman worthy of him, yet to win Princess Kisah, Balian must fight and win a arduous, violent tournament.

Kisah is disgusted at the numerous men fighting for her—or rather fighting for her dowry. Her only hope is that a man whom she can control wins the tournament. She wants to be left alone to do as she pleases, not to be merely a sexual object and producer of heirs. So far, the men in the challenge aren’t up to par. Until she meets Bailan.

He seems to really be interested in her, not the riches and lands she will bring to the union. Is Balian the man she is destined to be with? Will he win the tournament and, more importantly, Kisah’s love? What will her father, one of the kings who slaughtered the dragons, react to the match?

Jaide Fox brings us back to the world of Shadowmere, though The Dragon King is a stand-alone story. Kisah is the typical princess, spoiled and a bit immature. Ms. Fox does a great job in making her grow up and come to her senses about some things. Balian is a strong, strong hero, firm in his beliefs and ideals. How both characters evolve is captivating.

I only wish the novel was longer. More on the relationship would have been wonderful. I found myself wanting to read more between Balian and Kisah—more of their love and passion. I was expecting more.

Ms. Fox does a wonderful job, though, in the short space she was allotted. It is a lovely, sweet story in a land of magic and dragons.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jess.

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