by Mindy Neff

November 2003
ISBN: 0-373-16993-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #993
Mass Market Paperback

Veterinarian Sunny Carmichael has made a life for herself in California. Despite her recent breakup with her long time boyfriend Michael she is happy with her life there. Sunny’s mom calls her with a request that she come home to help out a long time friend Jackson Slade. It seems that some cattle on Jackson’s ranch have recently died for unknown reasons and Anna wants Sunny to investigate the cause before word spreads and causes what could be horrific results for the town of Hope Valley, Texas.

Sunny agrees to come to help the town despite the fact that Jackson Slade is the last person she wants to see. He is in fact the major reason she left town ten years ago when she caught him in the arms of another woman. Sunny knows the devastation that could happen if the town is labeled with an unwarranted epidemic among its cattle. She puts aside her misgivings and arranges to take months off to go back and do what she can to help.

Widowed rancher Jackson Slade is surprised to see Sunny’s return to town. Although his life took a different turn Jackson had always thought he would have a life with Sunny in Hope Valley. Now his main concern is raising his daughter and making a success out of the ranch he has come to love and call home.

Could this be life’s way of giving these two misguided lovers a second chance at a life together? Only time will tell.

Courted By A Cowboy, the first of Mindy Neff’s new Texas Sweethearts trilogy which brings the reader to the quaint town of Hope Valley, Texas. In addition to two very intriguing main characters of Jackson and Sunny we get to meet the other Texas Sweethearts, Donetta Presley, Tracy Lynn Randolph and Becca Sue Ellsworth. Ms. Neff does an excellent job of bringing us up to date on Jackson and Sunny’s lives both past and present. The reader is drawn into the story and becomes one of the town folk as she follows the story along and roots for these two to find their very own long awaited happily ever after.

Ms. Neff has created a wonderful Texas tale that will leave the reader anxious to revisit Hope Valley and she has skillfully laid the groundwork for several more tales to take place in this wonderful Texas town.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Barbara.

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