by Linda Andrews

December 2003
ISBN: 1-55410-029-1
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Egypt Starr is not looking forward to her sister’s upcoming wedding. Once again a member of the bridal party, this time the Maid of Honor. She has the most unusual knack of finding wives for her boyfriends, while they are still together. She doesn’t want to attend or get there any sooner than she has to, and to make matters worse her car breaks down on the way.

Cade Dugan was being chased, harassed, and bombarded by "blue coats" as he calls them. When in actuality they are women in blue coats and blue scarves. Cade is the designer for a very popular Christmas village, modeled after his hometown of Holly. Once he makes a figure of someone in his town, along with the person's soul mate, the "real" soul mate arrives in Holly. So Cade, on a bet or dare, made himself along with his “wife” in a blue coat. This has brought all kinds of females to Holly hoping she is the one.

Holly has a tradition of its own. The Christmas lights start going out when the person's soul mate comes into town. Not only does Holly have a tradition but so does the Dugan side of the family. It isn’t as innocent as the lights going out either, but can cause some damage to a person.

Once Cade and Egypt meet it is like lightning flashes and a storm rolling in. They are both attracted to the other but Cade wants nothing to do with Egypt. He sees Egypt dressed just like the figure of his soul mate and he doesn’t like that one bit. Egypt doesn’t know what she sees in him with his disgruntled attitude.

The Christmas Village is a delightful and fun story. It is interesting to see the whole town plotting against Cade and Egypt and what they come up with, especially after almost half the lights went out when Cade brought Egypt into town. The two seem to be made for one another and they compliment each other very well. The secondary characters are charming. Now Cade has to get over his fear of the blue coats and Egypt has to get past her problem of finding the brides for her boyfriends. Even though The Christmas Village is set around the Christmas holiday it can be read at anytime as love does show up and knock us for a loop when we least expect it.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Pam.

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