by Roxanne St. Claire

March 2004
ISBN: 0-373-76572-X
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Mass Market Paperback

This book’s title says it all: Like a Hurricane, as it’s fast paced, character driven, and a great read for an afternoon.

Nicole Whitaker is trying desperately to restore and retain ownership of her family’s old resort, in Florida. A previous hurricane has wreaked havoc and the Insurance Company has found a loophole to get out of paying for the damages. Now a large Contractor out of New York wants to buy it for other reasons than restoring it. Nicole finds herself fighting against time to save the resort, and her options are limited.

Quinn McGrath has been sent to check out the resort and offer Nicole a reasonable buy-out offer. From the first moment of their ‘unusual’ meeting, things get heated up between the two, pulling them together despite the very real obstacle that will surely keep them apart. Quinn is immediately attracted to the feisty Nicole, admires her independence, and thinks she’s in over her head in wanting to keep the dilapidated resort. When a ‘mixed message’ causes a misunderstanding, Quinn is more than determined to set things right and make Nicole admit their feelings for each other are more than just physical. Quinn believes ‘she’s the one’ for him and no other. Nicole resists admitting her feelings for as long as she can, determined to keep from ‘sleeping with the enemy’. But soon their passion rules them both and there’s no going back --- no matter what the future outcome turns out to be.

This is the first book this reviewer has read of Ms. St. Claire’s but it won’t be the last. I loved her portrayal of heroine Nicole, showing her strengths and her vulnerability. And the hero, Quinn, was definitely one of those men that readers ‘sigh for’. There were humorous moments as well as passionate ones, keeper a reader turning those pages while wondering how in the world Nicole and Quinn were going to resolve their problems. Don’t miss this one!

Reviewed in March 2004 by Kari.

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