by Robin D. Owens

April 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19658-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

FirstLevel Healer Mayblossom Larkspur Hawthorn Collinson is summoned on an emergency basis to the Primary HealingHall. There has been a new squirmish provoked by the long standing feud between the Hawthorns (her paternal family) and the Hollys. A squirmish just like this had cost Lark`s husband his life, and as a result, she had distanced herself from her family.

As she helps the wounded young men, she meets HollyHeir, Holm, who was there accompanying his brother. They both had been involved in the skirmish and Holm`s brother had been injured. Lark and Holly had not been in contact for years. As they briefly interact as Lark heals Holm`s brother, they have an odd Flair reaction towards each other. Although they had interacted with each other when they were younger, while participating in Celta`s religious celebrations, it had never been like this. Holm realizes what had just happened: he has found his HeartMate.

Heart Duel is the third book in Robin D. Owens ongoing futuristic series. I must say that I am having a hard time not gushing over this book. I have been in love with the hero, Holm Holly, since he was introduced in the first title of the series, Heart Mate, and have been looking forward to his story. I certainly was not disappointed. The story engaged all of my senses from the beginning. The plot is enthralling, immersing the reader further into the world of Celta, and the characterization is outstanding. Both main characters are engaging, and beautifully developed. Lark and Holm have to overcome obstacles left and right: their families, who have been feuding for decades, their respective insecurities, even Celta’s law and tradition. The sexual tension in this book is palpable, and even though it is not an erotic romance, I found it to be quite arousing. Ms. Owens did a wonderful job in dealing with the sensuality factor. If you like futuristic romance, you should not miss this series. If you haven`t tried futuristic romance yet, why not give this series a try? I definitely look forward to Ms. Owens upcoming titles. Heart Duel goes to a special place in my “keeper” shelf.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Mireya.

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