by Donna Fletcher

January 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19327-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Donna Fletcher's stories about a group of witches have captivated fans for years. Her ability to make magic feel real shines through in each one. In Remember The Magic , we meet Syndey Wyrrd. She's a witch who travels back in time to the Highlands of Scotland for a second chance at love.

In 1553, Sydney is a mere two hundred years old. She makes a choice to give up the man she loves to keep both of them safe. Thirteen years later, she has returned. Only now, she's six hundred years old and wiser than when she left. She's managed to travel through time to come back and find Duncan, the chieftan that she has loved and never forgotten. Sydney also knows that the Highlands in the 1500s isn't a safe area for a witch to practice her beliefs. Unfortunately, she must help those she sees suffering. Angry words and whispers start to be heard in the village.

Duncan Tavish's heart has been broken since his love left him thirteen years ago. Every night he dreams of Sydney. Every day he wishes for her to return. Until that fateful day when she does return. He knows that his love for her is just as strong as when she left, but he needs to know why she went away. Where did she go? Most of all, he needs to know why has she returned to his land? Little by little, he gets the answers to his questions.

Tension is rising in Duncan's village. Strange things have been happening since Syndey has come back. The villagers fear her. She has to fight the ignorance and fear that threatens her and her love. What decisions will be made? Can Sydney and Duncan convince the villagers that they have nothing to fear from her?

Magic runs through the story like sprinklings of fairy dust. There is a smooth connection between the future and the past with nothing jarringly obvious about it. It's nice to read a story where the main characters are in love and freely admit that they do. The conflict comes from outside of the couple.

If you believe that magic really does exist and that not all witches are bad, grab Remember The Magic and enjoy.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jenni.

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