by Lacey Alexander

December 2003
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Amy Finnegan and Cole Bradshaw have been friends for years. When Cole plays Santa and asks Amy to play the role of his elf helper, she accepts and finds herself quickly developing a serious crush on Cole. After lusting for a month, Christmas Eve finally arrives and she realizes how much she is going to miss that time she has been spending as his helper, even if nothing ever happened. To her surprise, Cole invites her over for eggnog at his place on Christmas Eve.

Lacey Alexander`s Hot for Santa! is book 10 of Ellora`s Cave holiday quickie collection The 12 Quickies of Christmas. Hot for Santa! brings us the story of two friends who always felt attracted to each other but never acted on that attraction...until now. Since Amy and Cole are quite comfortable with each other, when Cole decides to play Santa for Amy...and what a Santa he is...the results are highly combustible. Hot for Santa! is an extremely arousing and satisfying erotic romantic holiday story that will appeal to those of you fancying a bit of instant gratification.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Mireya.

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