by Joey W. Hill

December 2003
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Constance Bradwell has always hated Christmas. From a child without a family to a grown woman without love, the holiday geared towards family and love has always been a terrible blow. During a benefit party for the childrenís home she runs, Constance is asked for her Christmas wish by Santa. Tired beyond belief she actually tells him her heart's wish. Will Santa be able to deliver?

Joey Hillís Snow Angel is part of Elloraís Cave 12 Quickies of Christmas. Even though it is a short story it lacks nothing! Constance is one tough customer, but a character that makes your heart ache for her. When she meets an old high school buddy, Sam, the night takes a turn for the better. The sexual tension Sam creates in Constance is spread throughout the story and only culminates at the end of it. However, it creates the exact same tension in the reader so that when these two finally get to THE act the reader is panting just as hard as Constance is, begging as well! Donít miss Snow Angel!

Reviewed in December 2003 by Vikky.

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