by Vanessa Hart, Jasmine Haynes, Leigh Wyndfield, Dee S. Knight

December 2003
ISBN: 1-931761-81-7
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In Resolutions, we meet four best friends who get together every year on or around New Year’s Eve. They have a lovely dinner and then pass around “The Box” which contains each of their past year’s resolutions. They read the resolution out loud, tell the story of how they achieved it and then they write a new resolution and place it in the box for next year’s reunion.

Caryn Cook’s story, A Losing Proposition, by Vanessa Hart tells us of a woman who is haunted by her past. Rebellious as a teen she was the fat daughter of a nutritionist. Her resolution is to lose weight and get laid. Caryn, now a professor of cooking, takes a weight management college class and meets Zachary. Together they come up with better ideas to burn the fat and spend time not eating.

In Free Fall by Jasmine Haynes, Deanna Rain has given up her dreams and camera in return for a full time, boring job and a mortgage. Her resolution is to go skydiving. After a particularly grueling meeting, Deanna goes on line and finds Cole Johnson and his diving school. After talking to him for a bit, she schedules a free fall and has the time of her life. However, Cole’s dream is crashing down around him. Can Deanna rekindle her dream and help Cole save his?

Leigh Wyndfield’s For Sale By Owner has Jenna Perry, a gypsy at heart, striving to obtain her resolution of putting down roots by buying a home. A real estate agent, Jenna can’t believe that Trent Long is trying to sell his grandmothers home by himself, and he’s doing a terrible job of it! But Jenna can’t help herself; she loves the house and is very attracted to her crazy neighbor!

Finally we meet Spring Matthews in That Scottish Spring, by Dee S. Knight. Spring is obsessive about order and planning. Her resolution was to plan something spontaneous. She plans a trip to Scotland with another friend who suddenly backs out due to a family emergency. Morgan Mackay is able to replace the friend and, believing Morgan to be a woman, Spring agrees to continue on with her plans. Morgan is not a woman but a man 11 years Spring’s junior. Can Morgan get Spring to forget her computer secretary for just a moment?

All four stories are heartwarming tales of women striving to make their lives better and meeting the perfect men to help them. The attractions are instantaneous and extremely hot. If asked to choose my favorite . . . I’d have to say they all are. The gentle love in A Losing Proposition, the adventurous love in Free Fall, the passionate love in For Sale By Owner , and the spontaneous love in That Scottish Spring were all marvelous in their own ways. All four of these authors are a treat to read separately and together they are pure pleasure.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Vikky.