by Jane Feather

March 2004
ISBN: 0-553-58620-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Now that her sisters have married, Chastity Duncan is somewhat at a loose end. She is still quite busy with the family broadsheet, The Mayfair Lady, but being the only sister left at home has dampened her spirits a bit. Her father, Lord Duncan, is still coming to terms with the fact that his fortunes were stolen by a close “friend” and that his daughters have been keeping the family afloat with their publication and other various enterprises. He has become a bit depressed, and embarrassed that his financial dealings have been made public. He is becoming reclusive and is now obsessing about his lack of funds.

Chastity is also a bit overcome by it all. Putting up a good front for her friends, she continues to engage in the social whirl, but it is all becoming quite dreary. The only bright spot seems to be when she can masquerade as "The Mayfair Lady" and engage potential clients for the Go-Between matchmaking service.

When Doctor Douglas Farrell requests such a meeting, Chastity is intrigued. Having seen the good doctor working in the poorest section of London, she feels that his altruistic nature will benefit from having the right wife. When he boldly requests a passionless match with money as the main benefit, she is shocked. His plans to pursue a career catering to the hypochondriacal ton is not what she expected and his low opinion of society ladies is enraging. His desires for a well-heeled wife to support his practice and procure patients paints a rather disappointing picture of someone she respected. When her sisters point out that finding Dr. Farrell a match is still in the best interest of their business, she is resigned to do her best.

Fate hands her the perfect solution. The widowed Contessa Della Luca is a lovely woman, with a serene charm that soon captures the fancy of Lord Duncan. While the sisters are eager to see their father remarried to the engaging widow, they are not looking forward to having a stepsister in Laura Della Luca, an opinionated, managing young woman. But, she would be perfect for a certain Scottish doctor!

As the matchmaking game commences, author Jane Feather gives us sparkling dialog, unforgettable characters and an emotional story. The final book in an acclaimed trilogy, The Wedding Game is a treat. The plot, carried through all three books, never wanes, and the final outcome is perfectly written. Anyone who loves a good historical romance will be pleased with this trio of tales, set in the early 1900s, when motorcars are sharing the roads with carriages and votes for women appear eminent. With women like the Duncan sisters, England’s men never stand a chance!

Reviewed in February 2004 by Paula.

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