by Katie MacAlister

May 2004
ISBN: 0-451-41112-9
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Mass Market Paperback

For ten thousand dollars, would you be willing to squeeze yourself into a corset and live the life of a Victorian duchess? For Tessa Riordan, it’s the answer to her problems.

Tessa finds herself flying to England after a last minute phone call from a friend. She’s been picked to star in a new reality show, A Month in the Life of a Victorian Duke . She isn’t looking forward to being squashed into a corset since she is one of the skinny-challenged women. She’s weighed the corset against the yummy man who will be playing her duke.

For a month, she is a duchess. She’ll have to deal with servants and unruly relatives. She finds out that riding sidesaddle can be just as bad as a corset. Mostly though, she has to figure out how to deal with the attraction that explodes between her and her duke. Will love survive the disasters that are sure to follow?

With the reality show craze in full bloom, Katie MacAlister has come up with a great idea. Her characters are lively and interesting. Tessa is a real woman who is concerned with her weight and her age, but she doesn’t allow it to stop her from living life. Max is a deliciously yummy hero who loves his daughter. He also accepts Tessa for the way she is. With an intriguing mystery thrown in, the story is fast paced and a page-turner.

The Corset Diaries, is a laugh-a-minute trip with stops along the way for love and acceptance. Pick it up and enjoy the ride.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Jenni.

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