by Sue Rich

January 1995
ISBN: 0-671-79409-4
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Mass Market Paperback

This was a truly wonderful book to read - it has all the elements to make it a definite keeper. Not only is it a wonderful love story set in the early 1800's, it is also set 100 years earlier and is full of trials and tribulations both in its past and in its present. Well, now you are wondering just what I mean; what I will tell you is that it could be ghosts or re-incarnation or possession; personally I decided that it was really all three. If you think that is impossible, read the book! I can promise that you will not be disappointed.

We start off with Ashlee, our heroine, waking from a very vivid dream parts of which she has been having since childhood, a dream of terror and love lost. From this moment we, the readers, are taken on a journey through the past and present. A journey that is at times, joyous, happy, sad, sensuous, terrifying but always very interesting.

Next enters Connor, our hero, determined to do the right thing by friend and family, but drawn to Ashlee from the moment he meets her - even though she stands in the way of the one thing he wants the most. Another upsetting occurrence is the fact that from the first time that he meets Ashlee, he also starts to have 'flash-backs', which opens up the love story of Beau and his Duchess in a previous time period, with all its heartache and happiness.

It is very hard to describe a story that is always on the move, especially as I don't want to give away anything that will detract from your enjoyment of this book. All I will say is that the danger is very real and exciting, the love scenes sensuous and very loving, and all the byplay between the secondary characters is nearly as intense as our main story line.

I have read The Silver Witch many times and have never been disappointed, this was actually the first book of Sue Rich's that I had ever read and because of it I made sure that I read as many of hers as possible. I truly love a book that shows that love can exist and grow even after the people involved have left this plane of existence. What I am really trying to say is that I love a book in which love never dies, and The Silver Witch is a perfect example of a transcendental love story.

Reviewed in October 2001 by Julie.

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