by Anya Bast

December 2003
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Penelope and Aidan were childhood friendsí equals. It wasnít until her new nanny; Horatia came along that things changed. Suddenly, the differences in their social standings became important. No longer were they allowed to play together.

When Aidan decides to leave England for America, where everyone is equal, he knows the one person he will miss the most is his Penny. He has loved her since he was a child, but he knows that because he is Irish and a stable boy, they have no future.

When he arrives in New York he meets a man who will change his life forever in ways he would never have imagined. Born with a black caul on his face, he is compelled to travel to the city and there he will meet his destiny in a fight with Dominion forces for control of the world.

Penelope was lost. Her fatherís unexpected death leaves her alone and destitute. With no family except a couple of distant aunts in New York City, she travels alone to an unfamiliar city not knowing that she is about come face to face with her destiny. Born with a red caul on her face, she is destined to help in the fight for the survival of the human race against the Dominion.

Penelope and Aidan are products of their time. Born in England during the 1800ís they are taught that vampires are evil and that social standing is everything. What they are about to find out is that love knows no social boundaries and that truth can be stranger than fiction.

I liked Aidan; he was smart, confident and not willing to bow his head to anyone. Penelope is a product of her time and the brainwashing of her nanny Ms. Horatia. Ms. Bast has written a rich fantasy filled with interesting, well-developed characters. Penelope and Aidan get their happily ever after and save the world at the same time. I truly enjoyed Blood of the Rose.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Carolyn.

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