by Lauren Agony and Jan Springer

December 2003
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What can go wrong on a world named Paradise? For Ben Hero, everything could. He’s sent by NASA to investigate this interesting world. He’s not supposed to expose himself or make any kind of contact. The more time he spends on Paradise, the more he realizes that things are different on this world. He finds out how different when he is captured.

Jacey is a Queen, the leader of her hub. She’s been captured by The Breeders, her enemies. She expects to be tortured and tries to brace herself for it. Yet, she is surprised when a naked male is shoved into her cell. What were The Breeders planning? They knew it was illegal for a Queen to have sex with a male slave. She starts trying to plan her escape.

Ben and Jacey race across the planet on their way to his space ship. He needs to escape. She wants more time with him. As their time together gets smaller, their relationship gets hotter. They’re from two different worlds, but somehow, they know that they can make things work.

Interesting characters make this story good. We are granted the opportunity to watch Jacey grow with the knowledge that not everything is like what she sees. She learns that true knowledge is opening one’s mind to other possibilities. Ben’s acceptance of Jacey’s beliefs-even if he himself doesn’t believe in them- makes his character sympathetic. The love scenes are spicy and inventive.

Take a trip through outer space with Ben and Jacey. Grab a bowl of strawberries, a glass of ice and get ready to experience meltdown in A Hero Escapes.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.