by R. Casteel

December 2003
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In 1875 Missouri, Samantha is feeling low. Her husband has run off with his lover, there isnít much food and wood left to keep her and her two children fed and warm, and itís just a few days from Christmas. Suddenly she hears bells and upon stepping outside, Samantha is greeted by a small man, 4 feet to her 6 feet, who asks for shelter from the winter storm. What is a woman to do with a short man who has an atomically correct feature of a very tall man?

In R. Casteelís The Toymaker you can rest assured that Samantha figures out correctly what to do with Claudius and what they do together will burn up the hay! A woman down on her luck and nearly out of everything, Samantha is not bitter, even though most women might be. With Claudiusí help, she relearns what Christmas magic is all about. A heated story, I recommend The Toymaker to everyone as a nice Christmas Quickie.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Vikky.

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