by Rachel Bo

December 2003
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Traci and Rick are in a rough spot in their marriage. Rick spends a lot of time at work and Traci resents it immensely. Rick resents that Traci no longer greets him at the door with a kiss, nor does she actually cook meals anymore. Traci has decided to leave Rick after Christmas and Rick has decided to remind Traci how much he really does love her.

As a married woman Ringing in the Season is more special to me than any other story I have read in a while. Every marriage goes through these spots and every married couple needs to rekindle their passion as much as their love. Rick’s inventive and erotic way left me sighing and smiling with happiness. It also left me wondering how to trick my husband into reading the story! For a marvelously heartwarming, and other body parts warming, story you should spend some time with new author Rachel Bo’s Christmas Quickie!

Reviewed in December 2003 by Vikky.

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