by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Leslie Kelly

January 2004
ISBN: 0-373-83633-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Reading Between the Lines, is two wild new romances from two of today's most memorable and desirable authors.

Mr. Valetine, by Vicki Lewis Thompson, is romance writing with a twist! Jack Killigan is a blue collar worker by day and a passionate romance author by night. When a submission to a Valentine contest is accepted, they can't wait to meet the woman behind the steamy romantic rendevous in the rain, among other places. What's a guy to do? So he turns to his best buddy at work, who happens to be his muse and the source for all those hot bedroom scenes, Krysta Luekenhoff. Krysta grew up with Jack, and although she's extremely fond of him, she wants more out of life than someone who exists on a steady diet of junk food, looks perpetually in need of sleep, and can't even take the time for a haircut. But she never expects this very unassuming friend to have a secret life of a romance author. After she gets over her initial shock, she agrees to help him with a scam to sell her as the author, Candy Valentine and they plan a trip to NYC to meet the publisher.

Now, this story is totally predictable, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is the marvelous way Ms. Thompson has with words and phrases. I just love to read how her characters make a mess of things then benignly struggle out of it. It's such fun waiting for Krysta to discover if Jack's really as good at making love as he is at writing!

With her quirky characters, and quirky sense of humor mixed with blazing climatic love scences, you just have to read this one! Sex and humor is a great combination in my book and nobody does it better!

Thrill Me, by Leslie Kelly, is another winner. Who would want to kill that sweet little church receptionist, Sophie Winchester! Ever since the new police chief, Daniel Fletcher, spied the all-American small town girl, all he could think about was running into her again, and as luck would have it, she practically fell at his feet. So why was he holding this notebook with gruesome details of her murder, and who in this small sleepy town had such a macabre mind? And why was she so unconcerned?

This story is well told, and I found myself laughing aloud at the circumstances Chief Fletcher finds himself in when he meets more of the sleepy town's residents. I really enjoyed reading how Sophie finally reveals who she really is and about her cousin Jared and her casper loving grandmother, Hildy, who lives in a real haunted mansion. I especially liked meeting her mischievous brother and town bad boy, Mick, and I can't wait to read about him in Ms. Kelly's next Harlequin single title, Killing Time, coming summer 2004.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Suemarie.