by Janice Maynard, Morgan Leigh, LuAnn McLane

December 2003
ISBN: 0-7582-0694-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

A few years ago, best-selling author Lori Foster made the decision to help aspiring authors. She has an annual contest to search for the hottest unpublished romance authors. Wildest Dreams is the latest contribution from those winning authors. There is no way to tell from reading these novellas that they were penned by novice authors. In fact, many oft-published authors should be taking notes!

How far would a reporter go to get a story? That is the question Rebecca Fraser must answer as she asks Sebastian Tennant for access to his exclusive couples-only resorts for a magazine article. When the charismatic businessman tells her the only way to get into one of the resorts, is to pose as his wife, Rebecca calls his bluff. Now she is wondering how far the illusion will go, and author Janice Maynard reveals what Suite Secrets lie behind the door of Suite 13!

Author Morgan Leigh has penned one of the most erotic office scenarios I have ever read in Voices Carry. Camelot Reeve is struggling with the growing arousal she feels whenever she transcribes dictation from Jonas McCauley. Even on tape, his voice alone is stimulating her libido, and his physical presence is creating havoc with her professional composure. When they are the last two people on the executive elevator, alone with their mutual attraction, things really heat up.

In the final novella, Cabin Fever, author LuAnn McLane explores the duality of a successful inspirational author who drives to her cabin, dons her red silk pajamas and pens erotica under a pseudonym. Rachel (Jade) wants to publish the sensual pieces, but cannot imagine telling her agent, Jake Nichols about them. When the handsome literary guru appears on her doorstep in a snowstorm, she must confront not only her hidden identity, but her desire to drag him between the sheets.

These three novellas are so hot that I was afraid of spontaneous combustion! If I had not known in advance that these were new authors, I would never have guessed. The plots are carefully crafted, characters fully developed and the level of writing is superb. I will be eagerly looking forward to their next stories.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Paula.