by Ann Jacobs

December 2003
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The St. Vincent family is cursed. Mysterious deaths and tragedy plague the clan. Alain, the new Earl, is disturbed by the curse itself and the fact that some believe he has used it as a front for murdering his father and older half brother. Marrying and mating at the Winter Solstice is his only hope to break the curse. He looks to Lady Eleanor ďLea" Whitehurst, his late brotherís intended.

Lea is the indulged daughter of a dying baron. Her situation is dire. She needs to be wed before her father passes on and her cousin comes to claim the Baronís titleóand her along with it. She views Alainís arrival with both fear and interest. She is attracted to him on many levels, but there is something dark and threatening about him.

The decision is madeóAlain and Lea will wed. The ceremony will wait until after Advent when the priest can perform the marriage rites. Yet, their physical attraction will not be denied until then. While they discover erotic delights, something evil lurks nearby. This something, or someone, doesnít want Lea around. It couldnít be Alainís mother; the mad woman is locked away. Lea seeks for answers, unable to give her heart fully to Alain with so much unease in the air. Will Lea make it to her wedding or will the St. Vincent curse strike her down as well?

Ms. Jacobs sets another highly erotic tale in the hands of her readers. The tenuous balance of pagan and Christian beliefs is artfully woven into the story. Some of the pagan rituals may put some readers off, but this doesnít distract from the story. Dark Side of the Moon will satisfy readers aching for a dark, angst-filled read.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jess.

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