by Jodi Lynn Copeland

December 2003
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What happens when asked by your best friend to meet a client to tell them you could not make it? Does your best friend go for you? You bet, you do. Well, that is exactly what Anita was doing for Jordan. Only problem is Jordan is a professional dominatrix and Anita is your average down to earth plain Jane with the preppy clothes to match. So Anita sets out to tell Zane Matthews that Jordan couldn’t make it and to reschedule for another time. One problem there, Jordan laughed and told Anita she could fill in for her, and guess what? She sets out to do just that. But can she pull it off?

Zane was not having the time of his life and hasn’t been for a little while. He was getting divorced and his buddies said they were going to send him a dominatrix to cheer him up. Well what he found asleep on his bed was not what he was expecting at all. Not the prim and proper lady. So what does any man do but pick her up and start carrying her to the door, only she doesn’t wake up fully and instead snuggles even deeper into his embrace. So what does a man do next? Hmm… how about carrying her back to his bed.

Naughty Mistress Nita is a delightful tale of what one will do when faced with the unexpected and the desire to just let it all hang out, so to speak. It was fun to see the lengths that Nita went to try to convince Zane she was a dominatrix. She'd heard a lot of stories from Jordan so she sort of knew what she was supposed to do. But can Nita pull off the dominatrix act enough to fool Zane or will the attraction they feel for one another cause a different problem for them? Can a relationship be built on the attraction and sex of a few hours? If you are looking for a story that has some spanking and light bondage and a fairly quick read then pick up Naughty Mistress Nita you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in December 2003 by Pam.

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