by Michele Hauf

May 2004
ISBN: 0-373-80206-4
Reviewer Graphic Button LUNA Books
Trade Paperback

Against all odds, Seraphim D’Ange has survived a brutal attack which killed the rest of her family and her fiancé. Brutalized by Lucifer de Morte, her throat was slit when he was finished ravaging her flesh. Only Heaven seems to know why she survived. In fact, it appears that her life has been given a new purpose - to rid France of the unholy grip of the five de Morte siblings once and for all.

Thus begins an amazing tale of vengeance and the healing power of love. Author Michele Hauf has woven a shimmering tapestry of magic and faith in Seraphim, the newest book from the creative editors of LUNA.

As Seraphim and her squire continue their quest, they are joined by mercenary Dominique San Juste. While wary of his true purpose, they welcome his strength and company. Indeed Dominique is not at all a mere knight. He has his own quest, compelled by the Oracle in return for information about his true parents. Is he there to hinder or help this troubled young woman? Only time will tell.

Without revealing too much of the story, I can safely say that readers will be enchanted from the very first chapter. The characters are vividly drawn, otherworldly in purpose, yet all too human. Sera and Dominique find a love that is forged in the fires of Hell. Their souls are battered but never defeated, their faith in each other a deep reservoir of courage in the face of impossible odds.

There is magic in abundance on the pages of Seraphim. From the most unlikely of squires to the courageous soldiers of divine justice, the book sings with a power not of this Earth. Come and be swept away into a time when the salvation of mankind was a sword held in the arms of a beautiful warrior and her faerie knight.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Paula.

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