by Rebecca Vinyard

April 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-432-9
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In her first book, Rebecca Vineyard introduces us to Jack Stryker, a scientist who has spent his whole life searching for Kaylith, the Great One. He knows that she is alive somewhere, even though it is widely accepted that she was killed 150 years earlier. Jack’s sheer determination has led him to making the most miraculous discovery - Kaylith does live. He has to revive her and try to help her understand the universe as it is now. He also has to deal with his love for her.

Kaylith has been in stasis since some unknown person sabotaged her ship. All of her crewmembers are dead. She longs to find a safe place so that she can rest. But since the first moment she breathed again, fate seems to have another plan for her. Finally reconciling the image of her dream man and the reality of Jack, she tries to believe that all the danger that pursued her 150 years ago has forgotten about her.

By waking Kaylith, Jack has awakened overwhelming powers that will stop at nothing to destroy the woman he loves. Their struggle has just begun. They will have to face dangers and death before their destinies will be revealed.

What happens when a legend is brought back to life? Is it destiny or just a terrible mistake? The reader must ask themselves these questions as they enter into the complex universe that Rebecca Vineyard has created in her Destiny’s Dreamers series. With intriguing alien species, Vineyard stretches our imaginations as she wraps us up in the lives and love of the main characters. The secondary characters provide a rich background as the conflict expands to include all of their fears. This conflict will force them to mature and to trust.

Awakening proves to be a great beginning for an interesting new series.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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