by Julia Quinn

July 2001
ISBN: 0-380-81558-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

This is the story of Cinderella revisited. The story line is similar, except that in Julia Quinn's version; you actually get to see what happens, in great detail, how they get to the 'they lived happily ever after' part.

Sophia (Sophie) Beckett, the bastard daughter of an earl, knew that she would never marry a prince let alone a gentleman of means, but a girl can wish can't she? When her father marries a widow with two daughters, she realizes that her dreams may never come true. Her stepmother hates her, her two stepsisters also dislike her, although the youngest stepsister is a little more polite when ordering her around. After her father passes away, she learns that he left her with nothing, but her stepmother would receive an allowance for her care till she became of age. So her life went on and the years passed and she became a lady maid/slave in her own home. But one magical night, her fairy godmother didn't come, but the wonderful servants, who loved her as one of their own, conjured up a plan to get her to the Bridgerton's masquerade ball. Dressed in a beautiful silver gown, adorned with confiscated jewels, long elbow length white gloves, and her stepmother's silver shoes, she attended the ball. Would she meet her 'Prince Charming" tonight, only to have to disappear by midnight never to see him again?

Benedict Bridgerton attended his mother's famed masquerade ball with total reluctance. When would she stop trying to marry him off!? As he was about to ask one of the many wallflower's to dance, he felt a peculiar prickle at the back of his neck. He turned and he saw her, the woman of his dreams, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was a vision in silver as she held herself with grace and dignity. Who was she? He couldn't tell what with her half mask, but he had to find out. After convincing her to walk with him, he was only able to get a kiss from her. It was just a soft brush of the lips, but it was the most electrifying, mind-numbing kiss he had ever experienced. Who was she? He had to know, but when he asked her, the gong struck midnight; she ran from him and disappeared from sight, leaving him with only a long white glove to prove that she was actually real.

He had to find her. But Sophie did not want to be found. That kiss hadn't numbed only him, she felt as if she were melting. When her stepmother found out that she had been at the ball, she cast her into the street. Sophie kept her head up and found a life for herself as a maid in another house. Little did she know that her prince charming would spend the next two years searching for her, and when he finally finds her, he doesn't even recognize her. And why should he, she is just a maid, why would he notice her. But notice her he did, not as his 'Angel in Silver', but someone that he finds a soul disturbing attraction to. A feeling he hasn't felt in two years. When he finally figures out who she really is, the story really heats up!

This is an adult version of 'Cinderella', one that you will absolutely enjoy. Julia writes her characters in a way that's very believable and yet complex. After reading how they first kissed, how they felt, how IT (the kiss) felt, you'll turn to your significant other and say, "Why don't you ever kiss me like that?!" I know I did!!

You will love this book I guarantee it. Happy reading

Reviewed in August 2001 by Debbie.

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