by Sarah Zettel

March 2004
ISBN: 0-373-80204-8
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Trade Paperback

Most stories that are set in Camelot tend to focus on the main characters, Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot. While there are a lot of well-written and entertaining tales out there, itís nice to find one that doesnít focus on those three. In Camelotís Shadow by Sarah Zettel is one of those rare ones that tells us a different tale than the norm.

Risa of the Morelands has had it. Sheís not waiting around for her father to offer her up as a sacrifice. He had made a bargain with an evil sorcerer and agreed to give her to him. Having all of her suitors rejected by her father, Risa has decided to run away. There must be somewhere she can go to be free not only of her father, but the man who believes he owns her. So Risa runs.

Sir Gawain, the Kingís champion and one of the knights of the Round Table, is on an urgent mission. He must get back to Camelot and report to the King, but Risaís plight causes him to have to detour and save her. He tries to convince Risa to come to Camelot with him. Gawain believes that Queen Guinevere will offer Risa her protection when she hears the girlís story.

Risa agrees to go and their adventure begins. Along the way, Gawain begins to question his true reasons for taking the beautiful girl with him. Risa is beginning to trust the gentle and tender knight with more than her life. It would seem that she is in danger of losing her heart. Will their love survive not only the politics of the court, but the dark shadows that are spreading to find her?

Ms. Zettel has written a thoroughly entertaining and original story about Camelot. Gawain and Risa are heroic characters that fit right in with the rest of the legends. Itís a wonderful re-telling of Gawainís story. Guinevere and Arthur do make an appearance in the book. It wouldnít be a story about Camelot without them, but they donít overpower the rest of the characters. Itís fast paced, so there never seems to be a good place to put the book down for a break. I look forward to the next in the series.

Youíll stay up far past your bedtime as you race across the English countryside and battle evil In Camelotís Shadow.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Jenni.

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