by Claire Delacroix

March 2004
ISBN: 0-446-61112-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

When Michael Lammergier, the Hawk of Inverfyre, visits Abernye, Lady Aileen finds him rather unsettling in more than one way. She has been hearing quite a number of tales involving him and the way he reclaimed his land from the clutches of his enemies, the McLaren`s. She does not know why he has come to Abernye and the fact that he seems to be paying unduly attention to her; an uncomely maid, only makes her feel apprehension.

When The Hawk meets Lady Aileen for the first time, he immediately knows that she is the one. Being a warrior and a conqueror means that he chooses to get what he wants and not exactly in a tactful way.

The first time that the Hawk kisses Lady Aileen, she has an unusual vision. Given the fact that her own deceased mother used to have visions and was labele; insane for that reason, distressed Aileen. However, she suspects that the Hawk has magical powers and blames him for those visions. Soon after that first fateful kiss, the Hawk takes what he wants the most, and brings her over to his land, as Lady of Inverfyre.

The Warrior is an engaging historical romance set in 15th Century Scotland. From the moment I started reading The Warrior I was drawn to the story and both main characters. The plot incorporates a bit of a paranormal element, making it even more engrossing. Lady Aileen is a woman ahead of her time. Intelligent, sensible, perceptive and quite capable despite her young age, she makes for quite an appealing heroine. The Hawk is a 100% alpha male in his prime, however, his lady is quite capable of handling him. The Warrior is an enthralling historical tale that will delight not only fans of Ms. Delacroix`s work, but also lovers of historical romance. This was my first Claire Delacroix`s title and I look forward to read her other books.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Mireya.

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